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This is Merilee


To the world and friends and family, she seemed like she had it all together. But inside was a different story. She was riddled with anxiety which no one, not even her mom, recognized. After high school, she plummeted (literally) into depression. Took almost two years for her to find medication so that she could even get off the couch. Sometimes she could fake through parties, holidays and social events. Thing is, so many people DID NOT understand, or perhaps they thought anxiety and depression are things that can just be “worked through” or “pushed through.” Some people would tell her to “Get off the couch” or “get more exercise.” Most often though, she felt ignored. Thats why we’re creating Kizzy and Peanut. Through Merilee’s experience, she and her mom have passionately been writing a book and now they’ve started this crazy business. Not sure what it is going to morph into, but we are confident it is part of our life’s journey. We want to help the MILLIONs of young and old struggling with depression and anxiety. We have passion and pain pushing us to do this and NO ONE can stop us.

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