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This is Paula


She has been through many of the bumps of life that we all go through. She is a creative which honestly can make life full of disappointments. Expectations are set so high for EVERYTHING. Stresses like money, family, career and perfection have taken her down the road of depression a few times. She didn’t hide it. She is very transparent for the most part and enjoys what being vulnerable has done in her life. She is real. Many of her youth buddies and her kids friends have at times been drawn to this “real”. She is relatable. She has passion. She can laugh at herself even while she is crying from hurt and sadness. Looking for “more” in life has been one of her biggest struggles. A struggle which has recently fueled her. Fueled a desire to reach teens and 20 somethings and beyond with a message of “you are not alone” a message of “perfect is boring” A message of “you are seen”. Depression is not “made up” nor is it “weakness”. Paula has struggled more than 10 years with depression. She knows the pain, she sees the aloneness created. She is ready to help others.

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